The Orange Coast Huddle Environment Team is a group of concerned citizens that educate themselves and others about environmental issues from the local to the International.. The group produces a weekly email and post that highlights these issues. New members are encouraged to post on the Facebook page and to contribute to the weekly email/post We also periodically meet to plan events like beach cleanups.  Join us at

From the Newsletter

On nuclear power: 

US power grid survives the summer: 

Dolphins are dying: 

Win from Supreme Court Against Big Oil: 

Algea in Newport Bay: 

Bathroom tissue alert: 

Worldwide sale of EVs: 

HB votes to leave Orange County Power Authority: 

Beach clean up opportunity: 

EVs are a boom to electricians: 

Funds to help communities be resilient to climate change: 

Ocean temperatures are rising quickly: 

Tank farm at Magnolia and PCH? 

Finally a settlement for the 2021 oil spill. 

California's Double Whammy--Drought and Flood: 

Water reuse in Orange County: 


State Senator Dave Min introduces bill to ban off shore drilling

Read about it here. 

Ocean Plastic Sees Staggering Increase Since 2005, Study Finds

Read the article at: 

GET $$$ for your gas guzzler

Qualified Replace Your Ride program applicants can receive up to $9,500 to replace their own older, high-polluting vehicle with a newer vehicle, upgrade to a hybrid or electric vehicle or get vouchers for car-sharing or public transit passes. This program is available to vehicle owners residing within the South Coast AQMD Jurisdiction who meet the income and vehicle requirements.

Applying to the program is 100% free.  For more information, please go to

Benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act

The Biden administration on Tuesday launched, a website that explains how consumers can take adv advantage of the clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.  The site provides information on the tax credits  that are available for rooftop solar panels, heating and cooling systems, energy efficiency upgrades and electric vehicles.  Consumers can also sign up to receive updates about incentives that will become available in the future.

Climate Restoration by Fiekowsky.pdf

Reccommended by Karl Seckel member of the board of the Municipal Water District of Orange County. 

IPCC -- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The IPCC is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. Click below for their 6th annual assessment report. 

Donate to  the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center on Newland and PCH in Huntington Beach.   They always need volunteers.  


At one of our few in person meetings last year, we participated in The Great Nurdle Hunt and picked up lots and lots of these nasty particles from our beach.  

We hope to have similar events in the coming months.


Before the pandemic we were meeting monthly at the pier joining in the movement that Greta Thunberg started.  It was rewarding to hear so many cars driving by honking their support!