We Believe that Health Care is a Human Right! Getting involved is as easy as learning some talking points to share the benefits of Medicare For All to helping to elect representatives that support our vision. We welcome positive energy and ideas on how we can make a difference in the ongoing effort to bring awareness and change to our state and country's decrepit medical structure. Join us at healthcare@orangecoasthuddle.com

CONTACT THE HEALTH CARE TEAM at healthcare@orangecoasthuddle.com for information.

For more information on the 988 service go to: calmatters.org/health/2022/07/california-mental-health-crisis-hotline/ 


Our own local mental health initiative is Be Well Huntington Beach. It is a Mobile Crisis Response Team composed of two Crisis Counsellors who will drive to the affected location and provide in-community assessment and stabilization services.  Call 911 and ask for Be Well services.  

KNOW DIETING: Risks and Reasons to Stop uhs.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/bewell_nodieting.pdf