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Handed out 10,000 postcards (to be mailed in Februrary), handed out over 200 signs, had 30 volunteers for community chats and 28 volunteers to canvass!  See below for another volunteer opportunity.

For the exact wording on the ballot that we will get this February for the March election click here.

An editorial in the Daily Pilot/LA Times, October 24, 2023 by nine former HB mayors is a significant rebuff to the current city council.  See full text on the below or go to: 

The mayors held a Press Conference at City Hall on November 1, 2023.  See 

See video of Press Conference here:  


Regretably the resolution below passed 4-3 despite a majority of public comments against it.  The reality is that no one quite knows how it will be implemented.


ZOOM VIDEO (approximately 1 hour)


Thank you to those of you who spoke and wrote against this ill conceived planYour efforts made a difference. Instead of 13 poorly written and crazily bundled charter amendments, we have three discrete amendments. See below for the likely language in the March ballot.

WHAT NEXT?  WE NEED TO GEAR UP A HUGE CAMPAIGN AGAINST AMENDING THE CHARTER IN THE MARCH PRIMARY. Be sure to check in to ProtectHB website  for fundraising and planning.    Ballots will be mailbed February 5. 

Click here to send your and 

The hearings will be held on Thursdays September 14, 21, 28 and October 5 at 6pm at the city council chambers.  There will be opportunities for 3 minute public comments before the meetings, and 1 minute comments after the meeting.  These public contact moments do not signify real discussions of the issues.  Nor can the newly appointment committee comprised of the MAGA council members substitute for a duly constituted Charter Amendment Commission which must consist of a number of HB citizens.  

On September 14th, the Huntington Beach City Council held the first of four planned special meetings to “discuss“ several proposed charter amendments. What a farce! Public speakers were given just 90 seconds to express their concerns. There was a staff-created powerpoint to outline the public comment process. Mayor Strickland decreed that there would be no discussion from the council members. 

Then, after Councilman Kalmick insisted, the public once again had 90 seconds to speak. There were 39 speakers, and only five of them supported the ad hoc committee's proposed city charter amendments.The vast majority of email communications were also opposed to the proposed amendments.

Coming up this week, there will be two city council meetings that we need people to attend. 

Tuesday (9/19) will be the regular meeting, with 17 items on the agenda. There will be a report on the success of the Navigation Center for the homeless. Item #10 contains an annual report on the Community Block Grant, which provides funding for community development and housing. It should be very interesting to hear how the majority responds to this report. 

Thursday (9/21) at 6:00 p.m., please plan to come to the council chambers for the second Proposed City Charter Amendment meeting. This is where we really need you to take action. Send another email, attend the meeting, prepare public comments, and be bold enough to go to the podium. 


Any changes to the City Charter are PERMANENT and nearly impossible to reverse because any changes would require new amendments thve to be voted on by HB citizens.  This would be a costly endeavour and huge workload for HB City staff. 

One of the proposed amendments is a change from elections being run by the OC Registrar of Voters (one of the top ten registrar offices in the nation) to city run elections. This would create myriad problems.  See questions below.  Has a cost analysis been done?  Was there fraud in the last election (which brought the F4+G)?  Is this a solution in search of a problem? Or is this another part of the power grab?  

Below is a letter from Rob Bonta, CA Attorney General informing the HB City Council of the implications of changing elections protocols.  

Our state senator Dave Min's comments on HB City Council issues.

Another amendment would limit the flags that could be flown in city venues to the US, California and MIA flags.  Currently the MAGA F4+G instituted a city ordinance on this issue.  This is interpreted as a repudation of flying the Pride flag that has always demonstrated our city's inclusiveness.  BUT it also means that should we be fortunate to be designated as a 2028 Olympic venue for surfing, WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FLY THE OLYMPIC FLAG!

What can you do about this?  

Attend the meetings and voice your opinions.  If you can't attend in person, call, write or email the city council members repeatedly if need be.  You will find their emails at  Also, keep up with what the press coverage is by going to our internal page: 

Just when HATE CRIME is on the rise HB eliminated the Human Relations Committee which was established 25 years ago. 

Thanks as always for your activism. Hundreds of emails were sent to the city council, and the chambers were full of folks ready to speak (and support other public speakers)!

And we made a difference:Thanks as always for your activism. Hundreds of emails were sent to the city council, and the chambers were full of folks ready to speak (and support other public speakers)!

-The libraries will not be closing, and hours will not be reduced.

-Beach and park maintenance will not be compromised. 

-The popular Circuit downtown shuttle service will continue through 12/31, and possibly beyond if they receive grant funding.

-The police will get a 3 year contract that includes a 5% salary increase each year. Competitive salaries will hopefully help fill the current 30 vacancies in our HB Police force.

-The City Attorney will add 4 employees to his office.

-The City Treasurer will get $100,000 to remodel the office.

-The city will be increasing fees and fines. Other revenue sources will be considered as well.

The next meeting will be July 18, which means we have a few weeks to rest. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

The HB City Council majority has directed staff to develop options to "safeguard" against obscenity in the acquisition of books.  The matter will discussed in October.   Read a great column by Gustavo Arellanos of the LATimes here 

Since the HB City Council won't fly the Pride flag at City Hall, activists decided to fly it LARGE at the pier! 


In February we sponsored a program on this extremely timely topic.  HB is a hot spot right now, but other governmental entities are also vulnerable.  In any case, the right thing to do being concerned citizens is to keep informed and act on issues we care about on behalf of ourselves and our community.  The program slides are available by clicking here.  Learn how to


Agendas are available at  City Council meetings are broadcast live on YouTube. Search for the live session or the archives. The city website is 

The new "conservative" majority block running the HB City Council's actions must be observed closely.  They need to be held accountable for the platform they ran on.  For instance, California State General Attorney Bonta sent a letter to Michael Gates, HB City Attorney warning him to comply with California laws re affordable housing.  Mr. Gates is planning to sue the state to avoid this type of housing. The LA Times has covered the issue. Even the Orange County Register ran an editorial against our city's action. One of the most comprehensive articles comes from the Voice of OC.  On another matter, 11 former mayors wrote in the Daily Pilot against the council's plan to craft an ordinance that limits the flags flown at city hall.  For more information go to the HBCC subpage nested under the Voter Engament page of this website. 


We sponsored a program on this extremely timely topic.  HB is a hot spot right now, but other governmental entities are also vulnerable.  In any case, the right thing to do being concerned citizens is to keep informed and act on issues we care about on behalf of ourselves and our community.  The program slides are available by clicking here.  Learn how to

HB COMMUNITY CAFE is hosted by Council Member Natalie Moser at the HB Public Library on the last Wednesday of the month. Early registration is suggested.  Seats fill up fast.  Sign up here: 

Want to attend?  Please click here: 

State Senator Dave Min introduces bill to ban off shore drilling

Read about it here. 



And...she just announced she is running for Senate in 2026!  

BIGGER THAN ROE march on January 22, 2023 in Long Beach

Sign here to ask your city council to make it easier for households to go solar.

We distribute cards by canvassing or mailing.  

PROPOSITION 1 PASSED!  Thanks to all who helped.

Are you being informed or influenced?

Sign up for a webinar on developing news literacy skills.  Go to:

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Qualified Replace Your Ride program applicants can receive up to $9,500 to replace their own older, high-polluting vehicle with a newer vehicle, upgrade to a hybrid or electric vehicle or get vouchers for car-sharing or public transit passes. This program is available to vehicle owners residing within the South Coast AQMD Jurisdiction who meet the income and vehicle requirements.

Applying to the program is 100% free.  For more information, please go to

Benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act

The Biden administration on Tuesday launched, a website that explains how consumers can take advantage of the clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.   The site provides information on the tax credits that are available for rooftop solar panels, heating and cooling systems, energy efficiency upgrades and electric vehicles. Consumers can also sign up to receive updates about incentives that will become available next year.


Thanks to all candidates and volunteers who attended!



See March Primary voting data below

Our supervisor Andrew Do will be up for re-election in 2024.  Katrina Foley is now running in November for Supervisorial District 5. 


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